localCHAOS history

skate gallery - over 700 images and growing! Most from 1980-1992. Now including some recent activity

the old skate gallery until i can get all the pictures reorganized

the 'zine network - over 180 underground skate/music 'zines from 1980-1992ish. Post 2000 zines are now being added. Check back often.

localCHAOS SKATE VIDEOS - made in the great cH&OS style

Skot Werner shares some history of the PLAYLAND skatepark that was located in Flint, Michigan
Pat Shutte shares some of his skate history. Go check out THIS 70's action
localCHAOS the 'zine - covers and info on each issue from 1982-1986
wes' skate history - my story from my perspective.
wes' "wood collection" - a sample from my skateboard collection. more to come.
a page of random ramps that we skated over the years.
Curtis Settino, a skater from the the Northville area,shares some pictures of a session at Hadley's Ramp from 1985.

random acts of cHa0S

The localCHAOS:REUNION 2005 was a TOTAL success! A bunch of the old posse got together and shared stories, beers and lots of skating. LOTS of photos and video footage was taken during this 3 day event. You can eyeball all the action right here ---> REUNION PIX.

ALL the cover images that have been used on the localCHAOS website

Simplicity SK8 Park has been the scene of lots of KILLER sessions ever since they opened. Good vibe and good people. GO skate with bros Bradd and Jordan
Here is a story about my return to skating - I lost 10 years of my life to bullshit. Never again
The HVR is very real - Come Skate
wes gets interviewed by RIPCORE! Records/'zine from Argentina
Agustin, a skater from Argentina sent us some of his "pen drippings". Check it out!
sticker collecton! - I have always LOVED stickers!
"When we were Kings" - a page of rough scanned images that appeared in localCHAOS 'zine
Some "found" pictures of a contest at the "Dude Ramp". 1986?
Rick shares a cool memory - about meeting the "ORIGINAL" Ann Arbor skate crew for the first time
3 old friends reunite for a session in Mason, Michigan- LONG overdue. July 2003

    "BOWL BASH 10" was another EPIC party. Brewce and the CIA do it again
    "Blackwoods Blowout 10" is now history
    "BOWL BASH 9" - The CIA sure know how to throw a party