BOWL BASH 10 is now in the history books. Pretty much like all the other parties. Awesome skating, TONS of friends, good vibe ... just skaters doing what skaters do. I have two stories that I wrote on my previous visits to Skatopia. One about "BOWL BASH 9" and one on the "BACKWOODS BLOWOUT 10". Pick one and apply it to this party. If you haven't been to SKATOPIA yet ... you need to put this place on your list of "must skate". Well... that is if your thing is gnarly bowls, TALL vert and coping that could be anything from poured cement to real pool coping to steel pipe .. to .. a human leg bone ... ;-)

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BOWL BASH 10 - VIDEO - HIGH rezzzzz - (75 meg) low REZZZZZZ version of the same video - (28 meg)

all photos and video footage were taken by me ... wes