The gallery is starting to get huge!. We are over 600 images right now with many more to be added. So to make things a bit easier to navigate.. I broke the shit down like this. Most of the action you will see here is centered around the 80's Ann Arbor skate scene. But thats not all that is here. We made many missions around the country to skate with like minded bros. Those times are also reflected in these pages.

Now here it is 2004 and we have started a gallery of images of whats going on today. This gallery will grow over time as sessions take place.

HIGHLIGHTS to these pages are the "Flips" Collection. Go browse +200 pictures from this skater/photographer's personal collection.

Also ... check out Al Carter's amazing collection of east coast skate action.

section 1 <--- chaos quarter, fulmer, street - early '80s.

section 2<--- hadley's ramp, babylon action - mid '80s

section 3<--- barn ramp, endless summer, random - mid-late '80s

section 4<--- random pix

section 5<--- barn ramp, plaza, hadley's, endless summer

section 6<--- mark's ramp, more plaza, endless, hadley's

section 7<--- assorted cHaOs

section 8<--- barn ramp, babylon, nudebowl, endless summer

section 9

section 10

section 11

section 12

section 13

Al Carter's amazing collection of southeast skate kulture.

FLIPS photos

RECENT activity

RECENT activity II

Simplicity Skatepark Images - 2004-2005

Mason, Michigan - a collection of pictures from summer 2004

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