Simplicity Sk8 Park - Canton, Michigan

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bradd feebles

bradd to tail

Al lien to tail oververt

Big Al - BIG disaster smack

Darin 5050s

darin ollies richard flows while dread watches garold flips out garold frontside air john flows a fast backside line

more pix soon

garold stalefish john wheels the oververt jacob stands one up mitch flows down the escalator

paul smiths

sean grinds

sean rails

tony c. is BACK!

a youngin' smacks tail

morgan skates tough

richard hangs a wheel

jack pops off the oververt

joey smacks his tail

wes tickles the oververt coping

nate in a frontside flow

Here are video clips of some local rippers

bradd (4 megs) - garold (6.3 megs) - richard (3.5 megs) - scott (3.8 megs) - mitch axlestalls on the oververt (8.6 megs)

COLLAGE of random images from a recent session