WelCOME to the sCrapbook!

A collection of artifacts that represents OUR KuLtuRe from 80s, 90s and now "modern day" Ann Arbor. If you have anything that you feel would fit in this section feel free to drop me an email


A page of pictures from when the MISFITS played at the Union Ballroom - 1983

Pictures from the collection of Alice Royston. Photos of kids, bands and stuff from 1982-83 Ann Arbor

Pictures from the collection of Jamie Brunette. Blind Pig, bands and shit

PARTY PIX from Nick and Kirsten's ANNIVERSARY party that was held at the Blind Pig - Sept 4, 2005

JB had a "fan club"!

A ticket from a RAMONES concert that was at the "Second Chance" here in Ann Arbor

Sean's camera is at it again! Another collection of pictures of the bands and friends that came to the GZ/STATE/HWE/KLC show on February 26, 2005

The 1987 March-April edition of "Research News" featured a skater pic

Here is a printing project that Ken Nelson did when he was in high school

Was browsing around the site and found a page I put together a while ago but I never linked in. *DUH* on my part. *laugh* Ok .. what we have here is a page or random drawings done by Jeff Martin. These all were done in between 1982-1986.

Sean Carroll took
a bunch of pictures at the Nov 4th, 2004 Ground Zero show that was at the Blind Pig. Also .. here is a page of pictures from that same show that "Oven Mitt" took

This is kinda cool. Its a page I put together on my copies of the Sex Pistol's album "Never Mind the Bullocks"

A way cool drawing that Aaron Jones did for JB back in 1978

Here is another group of photos from 1980-1993?

STATE's record "No Illusions" is/has been rereleased several times. Here is my two original copies of that E.P.

A poster that came from the infamous "Skate House"

Two different issues of the 'zine "Local Chaos" came with mini-posters. Now, I dont think many of those original posters still exist. But Tony C. had them in his collection of kulture. Here is the poster from issue #3 and the one from issue #5

Here is a page that was first published in SLAP magazine about some Michigan action

The TARD Act of the 1980s

A letter that I got from Trevor calling me out on the "lack of street skating" in localCHAOS. ;-)

A postcard from Andy Mac that Tony C received around 1992

Here are a couple of stickers that Niagara designed for the Second Chance. I miss that place

An article from a 1986 Ann Arbor Observer on Tuckman

A drawing that Hedy did sometime around 1982

Here is an interview that Matt Royston did with "IRH" editors Sean Carroll and JB

Stories from JB about living life in 1980's Ann Arbor
"National Trip Day" or "The Crusty Punks vs the Insane Vietnam Vets"

"A Day in the Life of a Punk"
"Party at the End of the World"

Other 80's 'zines from Ann Arbor- GREAT efforts from Alice Royston, Sean Carroll, JB, Jeff Martin, Jeff Hadley and "Liberty"

Pictures of "The Misfits" from 1982. - Taken by "Ruthless" at the Freezer Theater

a bunch of party pix - trip back in time

more random pix

the truth - band pix

with luv from pete - from Laurie's collection.

skateboard outlaws - funny shit!

a couple of snippets from the ann arbor press(boring)

wes teaches skateboarding at CHS


Ok .. check this out. The album from this '70s skate band named "Sneakers and Lace"

A Santa Cruz skateboard catalog and a couple of sale flyers from 1983

A ZORLAC catalog from 1986

A Powell/Peralta catalog from November 1983

Here is a "Bones Brigade" club report from 1986

A "chain letter" I received back in the mid '80s

Here is a letter I received back in 1985 from a realtor who was selling a "skate park"

Remember "SKATE FATE" 'zine? Here is a letter from GSD that I got back in 1984

Andre the Giant HAD a posse... maybe he still does. Shepard Fairey's famous sticker

A listing of ramps/skate places that I made at some point in the late 80s.

A Big Boys set list from 1983

My skatepark ID cards

A letter from Brian Brannon from around 1982

Here is a "Bones Brigade" report from 1983