MLB steps back into Mark's ramp

Wes - HIGH speed grind at the 'plaza

Eric Gray "Wheres the ramp!?!?"

Rob Antell feeling the thrill at Endless Summer

no matter what decade it is there will always be "Grommets". Here are the 1985 groms.

Kevin Ryberg(RIP) OLD OLD school kickfip in the 'plaza unknown bro in the corner Tony and David Burnspark wading pool Chris Moore backside at Endless Summer MLB jumps

more pix soon

Bob (northville crew) floats at Hadley's This was a typical P.V.C. band practice. David (drums) checks out Jeff's (screams) frontside. Todd at Endless Summer And yes.. MLB *did* make this over the channel

Early frontside air for David Tuck

Tommy Hartwell - footplant in Santa Cruz

Adam lazes, MLB blazes at Endless Summer

backyard ramp in Kalamazoo

Todd at Mark's ramp around 1983?

locked in at the barn ramp

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