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Here are some pictures of the W. Virginia Posse. Still skating to this day. Witty(john wittpenn) rolls out

cliny (tim cline) sweeps

ridge (brian ridgeway) carves yea!

cliny frontside burner

reunited west virginia crew. ridge, cliny, witty

The coping at Vans-Novi takes a beating. doug anne in the deepend corner dug song flows in the deep end jay HURTS the coping yerb taste the "good life" jeff seaver at modern skate

bryan aleshire in a 30th birthday grind sam grabs during a session at LBS 3 pics of Dave Campbell at the Lansing Egg

more to come

Here are some pix that Ward Cramer sent in of him RIPPING the rad Louisville park. As you can see.... Ward is a local there.