Adam Graham had a way fun half-pipe in his backyard. That ramp was located over off Hemlock in Stonybrook. It was 8' wide and had kinda odd eliptical transitions. The ramp used to belong to .....damn.. forgot his name but I do remember the ramp did live over on Torrey St. A few years prior, the then owner wanted to get rid of it. So Adam and a few of his BIG friends went over and got that ramp out of the backyard. They loaded it up on a truck and took it back to Adam's house. The frame was strengthened up a bit and a fresh layer of plywood was put down. He always had some funky coping tho. I remember things like broom sticks, wood corner molding. angle iron or just about anything you could pop off of. MANY great sessions took place on that ramp. Adam rarely wore any pads. He always said, "Only thing I need is my sunglasses". He and Lee would just rip that ramp up! They both had a wild style that was totally their own. Kinda sketchy... always edgy..and they could both pull moves out of thin air! They had been skating together for years and it showed. I remember skating there several times. The grill would be going, music playing loud and a whole bunch of neighbors came out to party and watch the skating. Adam was very popular in his 'hood. Everybody knew him and he knew everybody. Enough said.
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